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Investing in massage is an investment in your health. 

Deep Tissue Massage: A Deep Tissue Massage releases chronic muscle tension, and the focus is on deep layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (a protective layer  surrounding muscle, bone and joints.) You should talk about outstanding issues you would like to see addressed. It is also important to communicate during the session about pain, because a massage should never “hurt.” The massage may be intense, or “hurt so good,” but if you start to feel pain, communicate that immediately.

                         50 Min: 90.00     80 Min: 140.00             110 Min: 180.00                                   

Relaxing Swedish Massage: This type of massage can be soothing and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on my personal style and what you want to achieve. Most of the time, this modality is good for unwinding and relaxing. This is accomplished by working the muscle with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. You can choose if you like a softer touch or a medium pressure massage.

                          50 Min: 90.00         80 Min: 140.00           110 Min: 180.00 


The Blade: 50 Min: 100.00

Deep! And "GETS THAT SPOT!" 
"Scraping" is a soft tissue mobilization technique that helps heal from soft tissue injuries. I use a scraping tool. Tissue in our bodies that connect, support or surround our internal organs and bones generally what are called ” soft tissues.” These would include fascia, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. I recommend selecting an area such as, "neck and back" "glutes and hamstrings" or "calves and feet" and we focus, focus, focus. 


Reiki Raidiance: 80 Min: 165.00

 A 50 to 60 minute massage combined with 20 to 30 minutes of healing Reiki energy. (80 minutes)


Sports Massage: This helps athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons, and is a good choice if you have a specific problem -- a tender knee or tight hamstring from running, for instance. 

                           50 Min: 100.00       80 Min: 170.00           110: 200.00

Hot-Buttered Stone Massage®: Heated smooth stones, a relaxing environment set to gentle water music and rich Shea butter are used to leave your body and mind in bliss. The warm stones are placed on certain points on the body to loosen tight muscles and balance energy. The stones also provide the benefit of thermal therapy with balancing properties that promote circulation while providing deeper tissue and muscle work with less pressure.

                            50 Min: 90.00         80 Min: 150.00

Mommy-to-Be®:  Is my prenatal massage where I will address areas of your pain while waiting for baby!                  

                            50 Min: 90.00 

Reiki Energy Healing:

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, energy rebalancing, and healing of the body, mind, and spirit. It is a "laying of the hands" healing modality. Sessions are performed in a quiet, serene setting with the client clothed, lying atop a comfortable table. Sessions are about forty minutes hands on and ten minutes consultation and reflection. Please read my personal journey through "hands on healing" in my "About Practitioner" page on this website. 

                             50 Min: 90.00


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